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Accurate: Coffee machines on one side and pillows on the otherπŸ˜‚ #CollegeLife
"Scars make us who we are
Hearts and homes are broken, broken
Far, we could go so far
With our minds wide open, open

Hey, tears all fall the same
We all feel the rain
We can’t change…

Everywhere we go we’re looking for the sun
Nowhere to grow old, we’re always on the run
They say we’ll rot in Hell, but I don’t think we will
They’ve branded us enough, Outlaws of Love” -Adam Lambert #OutlawsOfLove #Trespassing #AdamLambert

Nicki, Ari and Jessie killing it at the 2014 vmas

*Kill Bill sirens*

Oh god lol. They need to collaborate asap